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Let’s talk about sticker shock.

We’ve all been there, right? You’re shopping online, and you come across something you love: incredible designer furniture, flawless housewares, the perfect top. You’re instantly obsessed. Your heart skips a beat as you start to imagine buying it… but then you see the price.

Before, there was nothing you could do. Too expensive? Too bad. But now, you have a choice.

You can keep shopping like a normie, taking prices at face value and meekly accepting that you’re limited by your bank account. Or, you can use Dupe to find lookalikes you can actually afford. Taking the products you want as a starting point, then letting Dupe search the entire internet for the same or similar items at a fraction of the price. We think it’s an easy call.

Dupe is the secret that everyone should be in on. It’s a magic trick. A cheat code. A loophole of epic proportions. Why it isn’t mainstream household information yet, we have no idea — but we’re glad you found us early.

Everyone deserves to be surrounded by beautiful things. We built Dupe to make it happen.